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Crosstrek Roof Box

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No doubt, if you own the Subaru Crosstrek, you would have marveled at the sort of off-road beast that this vehicle is. The vehicle is very famous for being rugged, fuel-efficient, and affordable. Furthermore, its off-pavement performance makes this vehicle some of the best options for camping or long trips. A great Crosstrek roof box will help you carry all your gear. 

The Crosstrek is known for having spacious interiors. Therefore, the cabin space should be enough for users who choose to travel with modest gear. However, if you love to pack half the house for your adventures or camping trips, then the Crosstrek can be tweaked a little bit.

To create more space for additional gear, you choose to buy a Crosstrek roof box. This is an additional cargo carrier that can be used to transport certain items as you make your off-road trip. With so many great options in the market, there are ideal roof boxes that can go with your Crosstrek.

If you are looking to free enough space in the cabin for more passengers, then you will find these buyer’s guides very useful.

Do you need to buy a great roof box for your Subaru Crosstrek? This buyer’s guide acts like a blueprint for anyone looking to purchase the right rooftop cargo carrier for their vehicle. Buying a roof box for your car can be challenging. It requires a certain level of knowledge and information to make the right decisions. You will also get a good reason for buying a roof box and how to find the right roof storage boxes for the Crosstrek.

Crosstrek Roof Box: Things to consider before purchase

Before you set out to purchase the roof box for your Subaru Crosstrek, it is important that you know certain parameters. You should be aware of the loading capacity and the measurement of the car. You can get these details from the manual brochure of the car. Also, any car enthusiast can help you find the right information if you do not a vehicle manual.

For the Subaru Crosstrek, you usually have a load limit of about 150 pounds. This means that you are not allowed to load your vehicle beyond this load capacity. Also, as a tip, the official manual book of the Subaru Crosstrek refers to Thule roof boxes many times. This is a useful tip that should put most buyers on the path of buying the right roof box product. 

1. Thule Motion XT XXL Cargo Carrier 

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier - Crosstrek Roof Box

The Motion XT XXL Cargo carrier from Thule is one of the most highly recommended roof boxes for your Subaru Crosstrek. The roof box is our number one pick due to its high-grade qualities and cost-effectiveness. The Motion XT features a robust design that comes with a glossy black finish. Its exteriors feature great curves for enhanced aerodynamics for a better MPG for your Crosstrek.

The Thule Motion is very popular for its secure and safe SlideLock system that provides separate opening and locking functions. With this lock, the lid is locked automatically in place. This mechanism also closes the box securely. 

The Motion XT XXL despite its large capacity does not obstruct the front or the rear of your Crosstrek when fully mounted on the roof. It gives you full access to your trunk. This means that there is a minimal risk of your trunk touching the roof box when it is open. Thanks to the mounting system of the Motion XT, it is meant to move slightly forward on the roof of the vehicle to avoid any contact with the trunk.

With the Thule Motion XT XXL, you get a roof box that features dual side openings. This makes the roof box to be easily accessible. And you can easily open and close this roof box in all conditions. This is made possible by the supporting lid lifters and the external handles. 

Spotting a universal fitting system, the Thule Motion XT works with all types of crossbars regardless of their brands. The roof box also features an easy mount system, the PowerClick Quick-Mount system that promotes a quick and easy installation. 


  • This is a premium Crosstrek roof box.
  • A very good-looking roof box to enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics. 
  • Sits comfortably on your vehicle.
  • Dual side openings. 
  • Available in various sizes like 16, 18, and 22 cubic feet. 


  • Slightly costly.
  • Available in only one color.

2. INNO Shadow 16 Cargo Box

INNO Shadow 16 Cargo Box

The Shadow 16 from INNO is another great option for your Crosstrek roof box. Featuring a roof box with great aerodynamics, this option provides guaranteed performance for all users. Coming in an all matte black finish, this sleek roof box features all the components that you will need in a modern roof box. 

Featuring an exterior made from a 3-layer ABS, this roof box comes with all the necessary properties for guaranteed durability. Thanks to its durable three-layer sheet, the Shadow 16 is highly resistant to lots of foreign elements. It is resistant to all elements of the weather. The box is also great when it comes to resisting moisture of all types and keeping your gear dry. 

The Shadow 16 provides another 13 cubic feet of storage for your Subaru Crosstrek. At just 42 pounds, you are sure of adding extra gear and still not exceed the vehicle’s roof load capacity. 

The INNO Shadow 16 roof box has both left and right openings to be able to fully access the box. When open, the internal space is very large to fit various items. With the Shadow 16, you can easily hail 2 surfboards, 8 skis, or 6 snowboards. 

The INNO Shadow 16 comes with great aerodynamics. Thanks to its face that is tapered down, this roof box cuts through the air. This helps enhance the flow of air. With improved aerodynamics, you have an improved MPG and other benefits. 


  • Big enough to accommodate all types of gear.
  • Comes with a universal mounting system. 
  • Comes with keys and locks included. 
  • Can be installed thanks easily to the Quick mounting systems. 


  • Can be scarce in the market.
  • The mounting method is prone to vibrations and shaking. 

3. SportRack Horizon XL Cargo Box

SportRack Horizon XL Cargo Box

The SportRack Horizon XL cargo box is one great option for your Crosstrek roof box. This is a sleek and smooth roof cargo box that looks good. It comes in three size variants – the 11 cubic feet, 16 cubic feet and 17 cubic feet models. Regardless of the size, both roof boxes ensure that you give your Crosstrek some additional storage space. With this extra space, you can store all types of items from camping accessories to your winter gear. 

The inside part of the box features grooves and contours to ensure that items are placed without any possible movements. This box has a single side opening on the passenger side to grant easy access to your gear. 

The external shell of this box has been made from a tough ABS material. This material is engineered for durability and resistance to water and all elements of the weather. The ABS material helps the roof box to stop getting damaged from impact. Thanks, to the rugged construction of this box, it can withstand extreme conditions and environments.

The Horizon from SportRack spots excellent mounting hardware that makes usage of this box very easy. Also, to guarantee the safety of the items in the box, the product comes with a Lock and key security system. This is necessary for enhanced security. 

This special Crosstrek roof box comes with a universal mounting system that makes it easily compatible with various crossbar systems. With this feature, you can easily fasten and mount your Horizon XL cargo box to various crossbars such as factory load bars, round load bars, aero-style load bars, and square load bars. 

This roof box is user-friendly and highly reliable. It is a popular brand and delivers the necessary value and performance. 


  • Great aesthetics. 
  • Features a universal mounting system for universal compatibility.
  • They can be installed easily.
  • Works with many vehicle roof racks.
  • Available in three sizes – 11, 16, and 17 cubic feet.
  • This is an affordable roof box. 
  • Features a safe central lock system.
  • Can accommodate between 5 and 8 pairs of skis 
  • Can accommodate between 2 and 4 snowboards. 


  • Available in limited colors and styles.

4. Yakima Carbonite Skybox

Yakima Skybox 16 Carbonite Cargo Box

The Carbonite Skybox from Yakima offers you the ideal way to move your gear while on the roof of your Subaru Crosstrek. 

The SkyBox can be easily mounted onto your vehicle. It works with Crosstreks with pre-existing crossbars. It is also the same if you bought and installed crossbars from the market. 

The Skybox features an innovative clamp system that holds it securely to the roof rack of your Crosstrek. You will certainly have no problems moving at decent speeds. 

The Carbonite Skybox features stiffeners that support the internal lid, which promotes durability. Also, these stiffeners make it easy for the box to open and close. It opens up on both sides to allow easy access for loading and unloading. 

You can easily get into this big boy, and it features a key-based latch system. You do not need any product pre-assembly, and setting up does not require any tools. The box works with both factory-mounted roof rails and aftermarket options. Either way, the installation of the box is quick and easy. The box is meant to sit pretty on the rails, while the large base clamps are meant to tightly secure it to the rails. 

For the ideal installation, you need a crossbar range that is between 24 and 36 inches. Also, this roof box is highly compatible with most cross bars. It worked with aerodynamic bars, factory bars, square bars, and round bars. 

With Yakima being a long-term player in the roof box game, it is no surprise that the Skybox improves your MPG on the road. It comes with a super-aerodynamic feature that greatly minimizes drag and wind noise. 


  • Stylish looks and attractively priced. 
  • Solid plastic, all-black matte ABS exterior finish
  • Easy and quick to mount. 


  • You have to look for somewhere to store this big roof box when not in use. 

5. Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo box

Thule Force Rooftop Cargo Box

As a premium Crosstrek roof box option, this Swedish-made product brings its mass appeal to lovers of off-road trips and camping. It takes a long time to create perfection, and the Thule Force XT rooftop cargo box is a result of an innovative design process. Conceived by a brand with a passion for adventurous trips, camping, and mountain biking, you get a product that delivers long-term quality and perfection. 

The impressive features of the Thule Force XT start from its appearance. This big boy comes with a dark matte black gloss finish that makes shine and glitter. Next, it features straight ergonomic grooves that terminate at the tapered front tip. The special grooves and ridges on the Force XT make it the best-looking roof box on this list.

Due to the design perfection of the Force XT from Thule, the Swedish-made roof box will greatly complement the Subaru Crosstrek. Offering an additional storage capacity of about 18 cubic feet, this big boy can be used to haul your winter gear. It can support skis, snowboards, surfboards, and other sports equipment. 

Thanks to the maximum space efficiency, you can pack as much gear as you want. The big boy can handle all types of items to enhance your trip or camping. The generous load capacity makes it possible for you to invite your family and friends over for a great time. Even your dog gets to enjoy some space in the cabin of the Crosstrek, thanks to this big boy from Thule. 

One great benefit of the Force XT from Thule is the fact that it can be mounted easily. It comes with all the right features and accessories to ensure that mounting is easy and flawless. 


  • Can be mounted easily and quickly.
  • Great space efficiency.
  • Perfect for most cars and all lifestyles.
  • Great aesthetic design.
  • Made by a popular roof box brand.
  • A premium quality roof box for a great price.


  • May require some aftermarket accessories sold separately. 

6. INNO Ridge Cargo Box Cargo Box

INNO BRA240BK Ridge Cargo Box

From the way it is crafted to the way it works, it is pretty obvious that the INNO ridge cargo box was engineered for cars like the Subaru Crosstrek. The Ridge cargo box from INNO is a product of years of planning and perfection. INNO never compromises on quality, and the Ridge cargo box justifies that fact. Known for producing roof cargo boxes that are leaders in their rights, INNO has delivered a complete classic with the Ridge series. 

With the Crosstrek it looks like the Ridge had been created with the Crosstrek in mind. This option works well with vehicles with smaller cabin spaces. The roof box comes compact and creates more storage space with its square-style design. 

Unrivaled excellence for off-road hauling of items as it comes with the universal mounting system. This means that it can easily work with most factory crossbars, square bars, and round bars. Also, the box comes with a single opening from the passenger side. This helps keep the user away from the other side that is prone to facing a busy road. 

The INNO ridge comes with an innovative and unique safety lock mechanism. This guarantees the safety and security of the gear inside the box. Also, to ensure that the key is not misplaced, the key can only be removed from the box as soon as the box is locked shut. 

Designed and manufactured in Japan, a roof box from INNO is among the most aesthetically pleasing and technically advanced roof boxes for the Subaru Crosstrek. The box features an innovative clamping system that also improves the flow of air around it. 

The INNO ridge seems to offer more benefits at such an entry-level price. This is why it is one of the most recommended options as a Crosstrek roof box. 


  • Universal crossbar compatibility. 
  • Great aesthetic appeal.
  • Greatly priced. 
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Lightweight material with tough strength for great durability. 
  • Features a tough finish made up of the 3-layer ABS. 
  • Great capacity for storing more outdoor gear.


  • Available in a few color designs. 

7. Rhino-Rack MasterFit Roof Box

Rhino Rack MasterFit Roof Box

Featuring a simply beautiful roof box for the Crosstrek, the MasterFit from Rhino Rack combines a great design with performance. The roof box features a great aerodynamic design that features ridges and tapers down for great airflow improvement. The ultra-slim roof box provides you with additional storage options with your Subaru Crosstrek. You have an additional 14 cubic feet of storage space.

Giving new meaning to rooftop storage of items, the MasterFit features an interior that comes with grooves for proper storage of items. Loading and unloading are enhanced as the box comes with stiffened lid support to hold the lid while you access the interior. 

This big boy is produced from a combination of the ABS and AMA materials to provide you with a rugged exterior. The resulting product is a material that resists all types of threats from abrasion and weather to water. This guarantees 100% protection for the gear that is stored inside the box. 

With an ultra-aerodynamic shape, the improved airflow around the box helps reduces unnecessary drag and wind noises. This helps improve the MPG reading on your vehicle as you drive. Lastly, the aerodynamic shape also enhances the general aesthetics of the box. In terms of aesthetics and shape, the MasterFit from Rhino Rack easily outperforms other options in this guide. 


  • Features a great combination of design and color with texture and finish.
  • Great interior design details.
  • Easy installation process without tools.
  • Features a roof box with a large capacity.
  • Allows you to carry all types of sports gear.
  • Features a great aerodynamic function.
  • Great engineering plastic material combination (ABS and ASA) for durability and long-term value.


  • Slightly pricey. 

FAQs on the Subaru Crosstrek Roof Box

1. Are there roof racks on the Subaru Crosstrek?

The Crosstrek comes with a rack that spots all the typical benefits of a normal roof rack. This vehicle rack can be installed on the provided factory mounting holes. These holes are used along with the installation of the factory-fitted rail system.

2. What is the maximum load capacity of the roof of the Subaru Crosstrek?

The Subaru Crosstrek, like every other vehicle, comes with its maximum load capacity. This is the maximum amount of load that cannot be exceeded. When the Crosstrek is in motion, it comes with a maximum roof rail load limit of 170 pounds (80 kg). An alternative load limit is the limit of the crossbar load. 

3. Does my Crosstrek need crossbars to support a roof box?

All cargo boxes mounted on cars will need a roof rack that has cross bars to be mounted already in the car. This also applies to the Subaru Crosstrek. Many cargo boxes are usually manufactured to come with universal mounting systems. What this universal mounting hardware does is that it makes it possible for the cargo box to be installed on all types of available crossbars. With a universal mounting system for your Crosstrek, it means that the cargo box can be easily mounted onto round, aerodynamic, square crossbars, as well as most factory-fitted crossbars. 

4. Does the Crosstrek come with crossbars supplied?

The Crosstrek may or may not come with a crossbar. However, you can increase the cargo-carrying capability of the vehicle by mounting a crossbar system. There are different types of crossbars in the market that can be used on your vehicle. Many crossbars used for this vehicle can be used along with roof carriers and attachments.

5. Can a roof bar damage the roof of my Subaru Crosstrek?

Your Subaru Crosstrek is fitted with a sturdy and fragile roof. If you do not fit the roof bars correctly, then it can get the roof of your car damaged. For instance, if you over-tighten clips or screws, then you can accidentally damage some parts of the vehicle. 

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