Best Cargo Bags – Buyer’s guide 2022

Best Cargo Bags

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When looking to buy a rooftop cargo bag for your vehicle, there are several features to consider. When buying these types of camping bags, there are certain features to look out for.

A combination of all of these features in a bag makes it eligible to be included in our list of best cargo bags for 2022.

A good rooftop cargo bag should come with a range of features. For instance, the bag should be 100% waterproof. This way, it can easily protect its contents and keep them dry. The zipper should be protected by overlapping flaps. This way, rainwater is prevented from getting into the bag.

Then again, the best cargo bag should be purchased for its aerodynamic design.

Best Cargo Bags – Buyer’s Guide 2022

Are you looking for the best cargo bag options in 2022? Then, look no further. This is a list of the best cargo bags for 2022.

Fivklemnz Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier

Fivklemnz Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier

If you are looking for the best cargo bags for 2022, then the cargo bag from Fivklemnz is your best bet. 

As the overall best soft rooftop cargo carrier, this bag combines aesthetics with performance.

This cargo bag has been produced from heavy-duty fabrics. It also offers excellent seams that have been sealed off by heat welding. 

This Fivklemnz cargo bag is a waterproof option that supports wet and extreme weather conditions. 

This means that it will hold to keep your gear and items dry. Even when the bag gets submerged in water, you are still sure that your items come out dry out of this bag. This cargo bag gives you 15 cubic feet of more storage space. 

The bag comes with adjustable straps and anti-slip mats that are intended to stabilize it during vehicle movements. 

These accessories also ensure that your cargo bag is held in place and prevents the bag from scratching the roof of your vehicle.

As a bestseller in the rooftop cargo bag market space, this option gives you added storage space to fit in your gear. You get to pack several suitcases with the bag. 

You can even store your entire camp setup, plus your tent and sleeping bags. Fivklemnz comes with all you can ever need in a roof cargo bag for your vehicle. This is why it is flying off supermarket shelves worldwide. 

Furthermore, the manufacturers have considered the weight of the bag. It has been optimized to weigh just under 7 pounds. Also, this bag can easily expand to a height of more than one foot to accommodate more items. 

In terms of dimensions, it offers more options for storing outdoor items with a dimension of 43 inches in length and 33 inches in width.

A pleasant surprise awaits all buyers when they discover that this bag does not support roof rails. Rather, it comes with its four-door vehicle hooks. This means that the bag has been made ready for naked vehicle roofs.

RoofPax Car Roof Bag and Rooftop Cargo Carrier

RoofPax Car Roof Bag and Rooftop Cargo Carrier

If you are looking for a roof bag with the best design, you can look no further than the RoofPax car roof bag. 

As a rooftop cargo carrier, this option from a popular brand name ticks all the right boxes.

This is a soft rooftop bag that is quite bigger than most of the options that you will ever see in the market. It offers about 19 cubic feet of more storage space. 

This bag comes with durable fabric. This means that its external casing is robust enough to resist any scratches, wear, tear, and abrasions.

A dual-seam feature and the double waterproof zippers round up the excellent specifications of this bag. 

To enhance its waterproofing abilities further is the double coating. This coating easily makes this bag to be a water-repelling cargo hauler.

Furthermore, to support its users, the makers of this bag offer a warranty of a lifetime with this product. 

However, this warranty seems to cover the zippers and buckles of the bag. The bag works on vehicles without any roof rails.

This bag comes with an in-built protective mat. It also has 10 numbers elastic Velcro straps. If it is packed to the fullest capacity, it can easily expand to a height of almost 20 inches. 

As a cargo bag that offers more storage options for your camping items, you have a full size of 47.2 lengths and 3.4 inches in width.

If you are into stylish cargo bags to complement your vehicle, then this option from RoofPax is good for you. Apart from its design, the bag also comes with premium engineering and ergonomics to promote usage.

Since this option is rather large, there are also smaller options for people who need something smaller. 

While the bag comes with so many goodies, the user will love the fact that it can be mounted on vehicles without rails.

Amazon Basics Cargo Carrier

Amazon Basics Cargo Carrier

Amazon is an industry giant in the e-commerce marketplace. Thanks to their Machine Learning technology, Amazon figured that cargo bags were flying off the shelves around supermarkets nationwide.

They then decide to test the market, and behold – the Amazon Basics Cargo carrier was born.

The e-commerce giant went further to produce this cargo bag and ensure that it is the best option for one thing.

This is the best-value roof bag if you are looking for a bag that can be mounted easily on a rack, crossbars, or rails.

The good thing about the Amazon Basics cargo carrier is its price. At that price, the bag seems to offer more value than other more expensive options. With this bag, you get a rooftop cargo bag that mixes a range of features.

You get a waterproof and fade-resistant cargo bag to easily protect your items. Furthermore, as a suitable product for the best cargo bags of 2022, this bag offers 15 cubic feet of additional storage capacity to your car.

You get a flap that is used to shield the bag’s zipper. This way, rainwater is prevented from penetrating through the opening. Additionally, this bag comes with eight straps which provide additional security from constant use and wind buffering.

However, this is not the option for an empty vehicle roof. Rather, this bag works properly by using roof rails. However, it is better to hoist the bag inside your cargo basket or fasten it to crossbars.

With the straps, you can easily loop around the crossbars or side rails of the vehicle. It can also be adjusted individually by using the buckles.

Furthermore, the zipper comes with added security as it can be easily locked. But, this bag does not come with the right accessories to be mounted onto the roof.

As part of its high-end features, Velcro is used to retain the zipper flap down. In terms of the weight of the bag, it has been made with a total weight of 4.7 pounds.

This is why this bag is seen as a lightweight bag that can be folded easily. Furthermore, you can get easy access to your items. This is done with the help of unsnapping the buckles.

RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier

RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier

As the most versatile best cargo bag on this list, RoofBag have created a monster of a bag with this one. 

This is a genuinely original and authentic roof cargo bag from an American company founded in 2004.

Why do you get a cargo bag to use for your camping and outdoor activities, this bag offers more. You get a long list of additional accessories like 2 straps, a mat, 3 duffels, and a storage bag.

The RoofBag is more suited for people who like various options of bags. This bag is suitable for you if you have more than one type of vehicle. This option from RoofBag comes with four various configurations: this gives buyers the opportunities to choose the right option.

This option is offered in two options, each of 11 cubic feet. Both variants come with sizes of a length of 40 inches and a width of 36.5 inches. This is a bag that is suitable for you if you have a car with a roof that has a length of 48 inches or longer. 

This bag comes with a mat and straps. It also comes with duffle bags with water-repellent features to ensure against bad weather.

This bag option is also good for owners of smaller hatchbacks or smaller sedans. Especially for cars that come with limited roof load limits. They also prevent this bag from hanging over the back window. The bigger option of this bag offers 15 cubic feet of more storage capacity.

This bag comes with a distinct ergonomic shape that improves usability and performance. The bag has been shaped to come with a tapered front which is lowered. This feature is meant to enhance the aerodynamic features of the bag.

The most amazing thing about this bag is the fact that you have to choose from four premium options. 

Then again, this is a nice option that can be used on a bare vehicle roof. Then again, the bag will also work with a vehicle that has a roof basket, crossbars, or roof rails.

San Hima Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier

SAN HIMA Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

The San Hima Car Roof bag cargo carrier is the best budget option for a cargo bag. This is another cargo bag that combines the best of both worlds: performance and affordability.

The san hima roof bag is a stylish cargo bag that comes with a robust fabric material to support function in extreme environments. Considering the price of the bag, you get numerous features that seem like a giveaway.

This bag has been engineered from a PVC mesh material. This is a material that comes with the four important features most needed by a cargo bag. The external PVC mesh material of this bag offers flame retardant, waterproof, flexibility, and strength as its features.

Then again, to protect the design from fading in the sun or water, the bag comes with excellent colour fastness. The San Hima cargo bag has been designed to ensure that all of its contents remain dry. To ensure this, it comes with a hidden waterproof zipper as well as Velcro zipper flaps. It comes with a carrying capacity of nearly 15 cubic feet. If this bag is packed full, it can easily expand up to a height of about 17 inches. It comes in a size of 44 inches by 34 inches.

Furthermore, the San Hima cargo bag, just like a cargo box, has been designed to come with aerodynamic properties. This means that one of its sides comes slightly tapered down to help reduce drag during motion.

In terms of mounting on a vehicle, this bag will easily attach to a bare vehicle roof. It will also work on a vehicle roof that has a basket, crossbars, or rails. The San Hima cargo bag shares the same function as all other soft vehicle cargo carriers. It can be easily folded up for proper storage.

Then again, as a massive boost for intending buyers of the bag, they will be pleasantly surprised to know that this bag fits all vehicles. It works with most vehicles, from sedans, cars, vans, SUVs, coupes, and many others.

You have eight straps that are easily adjustable and can be used to safeguard the bag. However, what steals the show with this bag is its price. This is a premium cargo bag that comes at a very generous price. This cost-effectiveness for such a premium bag is one of the reasons it is listed in our list of 2022 best cargo bags.

Billiton Premium Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

Billiton Premium Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

The Billiton premium rooftop cargo carrier bag made it to our 2022 buyer’s guide because of its status as a bestseller. Considering its price and features, this bag is a steal. No wonder it is flying off shelves everywhere in the world.

Adventurers and die-hard campers know what this cargo bag brings to the table. With such great value for a low price, the Billiton bag has been made to be a bestseller.

This is the first bag to come with an anti-theft feature. It also comes with a waterproof feature. However, the anti-theft feature will transform the way you secure your gear while on a trip. This bag is waterproof, comes with premium anti-theft features, and is easily foldable. This means that you can easily carry and store the bag. This way, your gear can be kept safe.

You get a brilliant combination bag lock that promotes easy storage of items. This means that you can leave all your gear on the car roof at night without worrying about theft. This feature is also enhanced by ultra-durable straps and heavy-duty, secure buckles. They are used to firmly hold down the bag to the car.

This roof cargo bag is waterproof. This means that you can easily cruise through sun, rain, snow, grit, and wind without worrying about the bag. This bag comes fully made from a robust kayak fabric. 

This is a material that has a 40% strength increase compared to other materials. This material strength works to meet the standards of the kayak. This means that it offers high resistance to damage from rain, wind, sunlight, impact, and abrasion.

The bag also comes with a stitch-free and heat-sealed edge construction. Additionally, you also get fully sealed bag zippers. All of these features help to guarantee the water tightness of this bag.

Another important feature of this bag is the upgraded aerodynamic feature. With many roof cargo bags having aerodynamic problems, this option is different. 95% of all rooftop cargo bags in the market suffer from motion-induced drag due to their poor aerodynamic properties. Their boxy design and shape easily increase drag – which has an unpleasant effect on the bag.

If you are avoiding rooftop cargo bags that have a lot of drag, you might want to consider buying this Billiton rooftop cargo bag. The top-notch aerodynamic function of this bag easily helps to promote safety and stability. With reduced drag, you will be able to get minimal wind noise and fuel consumption.

Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Cargo Bag

Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Cargo Bag

For many people looking to add more storage spaces to their trunks, the rooftop cargo bag from Keeper is a good option. This option gives you about 15 cubic feet more storage space.

In terms of the water-resistance level of this bag, you get a 100% waterproof product. Also, its lightweight makes it such a nice portable option. Weighing just less than 5.5 pounds.

This waterproof cargo bag is good for families who love to live on the road. People who love adventures will also find this back useful. Overall, it is a nice bag that can be used to add more storage space to your vehicle.

There is nothing better than packing 15 cubic feet more worth of extra gear. Also, it is fully protected from rain, wind, sun, and grit.

With a dimension of 44 by 34 by 17 inches, this is simply another storage option for long trips. The external fabric is made from rubber laminated nylon.

This rooftop cargo bag comes with attachment allowances on all four sides. This way, this bag can be used on all roof racks. However, if you have attached less than four sides, you should take caution.

This bag has been designed for ambitious adventurers. It comes with a heavy-duty material that will protect the items from being exposed. It comes with a soft external fabric which makes it easy for items with odd shapes to be stored easily.

While this bag may not have any aerodynamic properties, it works to reduce noise and drag during motion. It comes with robust straps and buckles that ensure that it is easily secured on the roof rails.

In terms of installation, this cargo bag is a beauty. It can be easily installed by using basic tools.

The external fabric is strong enough to prevent any wear, tear, or cut. This means that it has the strength to resist any abrasion or cut.

Coocheer Waterproof Cargo Bag

Coocheer Waterproof Cargo Bag

The Coocheer rooftop waterproof cargo bag is certainly one for this list. This is a cargo bag that adds about 15 cubic feet of additional trunk space to your car.

This bag combines a range of features like design, style, finesse, and performance. This is why it is on our list of the best cargo bags. 

The first noticeable feature of this bag is its design. It has been designed to please the eye. It has also been shaped aerodynamically at the front. This feature will certainly reduce wind noise and drag.

This option comes with a range of accessories to support its usage. You get eight strong bag straps and a buckle that help support easy mounting. You also have a storage bag as an accessory that you get when you buy this product. This helps you store this bag, especially when it is not in use.

The Coocheer rooftop cargo bag is a waterproof option that adds 20 cubic feet of additional storage space. Of specific importance is the strength of its external waterproof fabric. It is made from a 100% water-resistant material. 

This bag also offers oversized zipper flaps that work to keep out water from the bag. The anti-water features of the bag help protect your gear from rain, snow, wind, grit, and sun.

Its external fabric ensures that you never get to experience rips or leaks. Additionally, this bag combines a range of features like waterproof function, high density of 1000D, and affordability.

As a super-large heavy-duty bag, you are sure to have the best summertime camping experience. This is a large bag that measures 52 by 41 by 18 inches. Now that is a lot of space for your gear. 

To give you a picture of its storage capacity, this bag can store many items. You can easily place 4 sleeping bags, 4 medium suitcases, and 2 tents.

These aerodynamic and waterproof cargo bags come with the perfect restraints. You can confidently move over bumps and ride on steep hills and curves without worrying about the bag.

Also, the bag is a great option for all cats, sedans, and pickups. Whether you have a car that comes with a roof rack or a set of side rails, this bag will stay on your roof.

If you love family trips, personal adventures, or summer outdoor cookouts, then you need this Coocheer rooftop waterproof cargo bag. It has a combination of features to make your outdoor experience a perfect and fun trip. It is highly recommended for anybody looking for additional storage space in their cars.

It is a robust and highly secured bag. Good for high speed and all extreme weather conditions.

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